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This is where you tell us what we can do for you. It's that simple. but first, a few guidelines...

You must be a direct-service educator in the cities of Philadelphia or Camden. Requests cannot come from administrators of any kind. Only those individuals actively engaged in the work for which funding is being requested may apply.

Our application process has four simple steps:

STEP ONE: Submit

It all starts by clicking on the "submit" tab and filling out a simple form. Your entry should be 250 words or less and contain no links or attachments. In it, we ask you tell us simply and honestly how we can support your innovative, educational work. You can apply at any time of year, and there is no funding limit for your request. We want you to be honest about what you need, how it will affect your work, and how much you believe it will cost. Forget the rules of grant seeking and try not to concern yourself with what you think CCSF is interested in funding. When possible, try to avoid copying and pasting information you may have used on previous grant requests.


We review submissions on a daily basis and you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours. If we are interested in your work we will arrange a time to chat with you on the phone to discuss it in greater detail. If not, we will clearly explain why your work does not currently align with you funding priorities

STEP THREE: Site Visit

If we remain interested in your work after our phone call we will set up a time to meet with you in person to learn even more about you and what you hope to accomplish. Just as in previous steps, if after our site visit our interests do not align, we will inform you promptly and be as transparent as possible.

STEP FOUR: Board Review

Finally, if our site visit goes well and it seems that your work will be of interest to our board of Directors, we will present our findings at one of our board meetings. Our Board of Directors meets 2-4 times per year on a rolling bases and upcoming dates are posted in the news section of our site. Funding decisions are made during each meeting and if your work is up for consideration, you will hear from us within two weeks of that date.