Children Can Shape the Future

Supporting innovative education in Philadelphia and Camden

Welcome to the new Children Can Shape the Future. 

Children Can Shape the Future (CCSF) Is a small, family foundation based in Philadelphia. CCSF supports innovative educational work through our unique, multi-step application process. To learn more about us, click the our story link.


As of 2013, CCSF underwent an extensive re-imagining of our mission statement and goals. Responding to a community need that exceeded our capabilities and our desire to pursue even greater transparency and simplicity, we started from the ground up and built a new philanthropic model.

Today, CCSF’s attitude and process is focused on moving against the grain and traditional values in the greater philanthropic community. We passionately believe that there are brilliant educators in Philadelphia and Camden and our goal is to help make those individual’s dreams a reality. We aim to circumnavigate the messy, complicated, and often unapproachable world of the traditional nonprofit.

Our application process is simple, transparent, and easy to understand. Applicants are asked to tell us their story and show us how we can help. From there, CCSF does the rest of the work. A CCSF representative is assigned to discuss the work with the applicant over the phone, and if our interests align, we will set up a time to meet in person. At each juncture our process is made clear to applicants and at no time are applicants asked the fill out tedious forms or present their work in a formal manner.

CCSF is now in our seventh year of funding, and one of the things that we strongly believe is that a good nonprofit needs to be malleable. We believe that CCSF should be an organic, ever-evolving organization which constantly strives to meet our community’s needs. Thus, in this new phase of our development, onlookers can expect to see us take risks with regards to our funding as well as our structure and policies. Put simply, CCSF will be anything but stagnant.